What are Sitecore Suggested Tests and Why aren’t they appearing in my Sitecore

Sitecore Analytics keeps a record of all the page views. On the basis of these page views, Sitecore suggests which pages would be optimal for content testing. We can see these pages in Experience Optimization > Suggested Tests.

The three parameters, Potential, Impact and Recommendation provide an idea about the pages on which tests should be run. The Values range from 1-10.

All the data related to suggested tests in stored in sitecore_suggested_test_index and the above mentioned parameters are nothing but computed fields.


This is a score that suggests which pages have a high potential for increasing the engagement for the users visiting the page

In the code, this is calculated as follows:

(double) itemReport.Views / (double) siteReport.Views - (double) itemReport.Value / (double) siteReport.Value


(Views of the Item / Total Views of the Site) - (Value of Item / Total Value of the Site)


This is the expected level of impact of the test

In the code, this is calculated as follows:

(double) itemReport.Views / (double) siteReport.Views


Views of the Item / Total Views of the Site


This is a combination of potential and impact. This shows us how strong the recommendation is to optimizing a page.

In the code, this is calculated as

(new TestPotentialMetric().GetMetric(siteReport, itemReport) + new TestImpactMetric().GetMetric(siteReport, itemReport)) / 2.0


(Potential + Impact) / 2


Since Suggested Tests are based on an Index(sitecore_suggested_test_index ), just like other indexes, we can specify crawlers and modify which items should be considered by Sitecore while suggesting tests.

These settings are found inside App_Config/Sitecore/ContentTesting/Sitecore.ContentTesting.{Lucene/Solr/Azure}.IndexConfiguration.config or App_Config/Include/ContentTesting/Sitecore.ContentTesting.{Lucene/Solr/Azure}.IndexConfiguration.configĀ based on the Sitecore version.



When we opened the Suggested Tests Page, we were not able to see any pages in suggested tests. Starting debugging:

  • Checked for any failed requests on Page Console - Negative
  • Rebuild Suggested Test Index
  • Verified the crawlers are pointed to correct location - Positive
  • Inspected the pipeline being called to get the suggested results
  • Get the ComputedFields used to show Suggested Tests (the ones mentioned above).
  • Creating a custom solution to check where the code was failing

Finally, we noticed that in Potential Computed Field (TestPotentialMetric : TestPotentialMetricBase):

if (siteReport.Views <= 0L || siteReport.Value <= 0L)
return 0.0

The value for SiteReport.Value was always 0 and hence, this value for PotentialĀ was always Zero. This pointed us to the problem that there were no actual engagement value setup on our website. There were goals and outcomes but the value for all those was set to 0.

We went to the backend, changed the value for a couple of goals, visited a few of the pages that had the goals associated, rebuilt the sitecore_suggested_test_index index and there it was.

We were finally able to see the pages in Sitecore Suggested Tests.



Sitecore suggests tests based on a couple of things: Page Views, Site Views, Page Value, Site Value. So always make sure your website has some engagement values setup before checking the suggested teests.


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