Sitecore Commerce Minions App Pool Down

I had a perfectly working Sitecore Commerce 9.2 instance but yesterday after a system reboot, the instance stopped working. The home page was loading but there was no navigation bar or products.

On opening a product page, I got this error.

On debugging, I found out that the CommerceAuthoring and CommerceMinions App Pools were not running. Even resetting the IIS Server did not resolve the issue.

I had faced a similar issue during installation related to CSFRuntimeUser but what might cause a running instance to stop working.

I started going through the system event logs to check why the App Pool could not be started. In Event Viewer I stumbled upon the following error.

This meant that the issue was again related to CSFRuntimeUser but how? I looked further into Local Users and Groups to check for the account. To my surprise, the following checkbox was checked.

This meant the account would stop working after the first reboot. I went ahead, unchecked the setting and set the password for the account that was mentioned in the global.json at inetpub\wwwroot\CommerceMinions_Sc920.local\wwwroot\bootstrap\global.json. After restarting the IIS Server, I was able to restart the Minions and Authoring App Pool and voila! the website was running again.



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