Sending JSS Page in an ExM Email


Recently, I worked for a client whose site is built on JSS completely with no MVC components at all. They were using Sitecore ExM and had modified the Sample Newsletter to some extent to send mails. We were provided the task to find an alternate for this. I had not worked on JSS till that point and was not aware how it works. So I went on and on searching how components can be embedded into ExM...

Working with Model Class Generator


Have you ever worked with TDS or Glass Mapper? Sometimes we do find difficulties using glass mapper and TDS as they need proper training with some cost, support and bind everything together. Model Class generator is a very simple and easy to use tool for generating strongly typed model classes from the data templates in Sitecore content tree inside your visual studio solution. It has the...

What’s new in Sitecore 9.3 Email Experience Manager (EXM)?


With Sitecore 9.3 release, out of the box email templates in Email Experience Manager have been introduced which can help us to run email campaigns more efficiently and successfully by providing the required email layouts to meet the goal of engaging more and more customers on the site through email campaigns. With this, we no longer need to spent resources and time on designing the email layout...

New to EXM? Confused about the flow of steps in EXM? Let’s discuss it!


The businesses must deliver personalized emails to the right customer at the right time. Email experience manager helps to create a personalized email message of all kinds with the help of all the relevant information to keep the cross-channel conversation moving forward. It does not involve much effort to deliver bulk email campaigns very quickly to targeted audience at the right time. The...

Sitecore 9.3 Sitecore Install Assistant SOLR Issue “Access to Path {} is denied”.


Sitecore 9.3 was launched yesterday. Like all other Sitecore Enthusiasts, I went ahead to install it as soon as I got the news. I started installation using the Sitecore Installation Assistant and was excited to try out the new SOLR setup support. But to my surprise, I was greeted with the following error. Access to the path 'C:\Users\SHAMSH~1\AppData\Local\Temp\solr-8.1.1\server' is denied...

The anti-forgery cookie token and form field token do not match.


We faced this common issue on one of our Sitecore 9 Update 1 based projects. In our case, however, the underlying cause was not so common. The anti-forgery cookie token and form field token do not match. Whenever we tried to submit a form, we were greeted with the following error. We followed the following threads but nothing worked for us. The @Html.AntiForgeryToken() was present on the view and...

What are Sitecore Suggested Tests and Why aren’t they appearing in my Sitecore


Sitecore Analytics keeps a record of all the page views. On the basis of these page views, Sitecore suggests which pages would be optimal for content testing. We can see these pages in Experience Optimization > Suggested Tests. The three parameters, Potential, Impact and Recommendation provide an idea about the pages on which tests should be run. The Values range from 1-10. All the data...

The Sitecore.Client.ContentDatabase is null.


While working on the project related to content testing, I was greeted with this error when I opened a page that has a page test running. While checking the item, I found out that certain renderings were using custom data-sources that were resolved in EnterRenderingContext Pipeline. When I removed these custom data-sources, the page started loading without any issues. The next step was to...

Sitecore Commerce Minions App Pool Down


I had a perfectly working Sitecore Commerce 9.2 instance but yesterday after a system reboot, the instance stopped working. The home page was loading but there was no navigation bar or products. On opening a product page, I got this error. On debugging, I found out that the CommerceAuthoring and CommerceMinions App Pools were not running. Even resetting the IIS Server did not resolve the issue. I...

Sitecore Universal Tracker


In the recent releases, Sitecore has been moving from a Monolith software approach to a Micro-service based one. We have already seen this in other modules like Sitecore Javascript Services(JSS) and Sitecore Cortex. Universal Tracker is a headless API Micro-service to track data from mobile apps, IoT, AR, VR and other emerging channels into Sitecore xDB.   Universal Tracker is a collection...

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