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About TechKnowHow

Tech Know How is a learning site about sitecore and machine learning. As the name says it consists of the articles about spreading awareness about these technologies and providing the solution to solve various problems. The articles are in-depth in nature and cover wide-variety of industry domains and will open up new horizons. Our motto is to provide you with the easy, effective and efficient way to solve the problem.

Our Story

We are Thapar alumni and presently working at Altudo. Both of us have been working with Sitecore and machine learning for quite a while now, faced several issues and obtained knowledge to figure out the ways to solve them. While the need for the sitecore and machine learning technologies is very clear in industries, the shortage/unavailability of solutions to various impediments is disturbing. So we are providing you the solutions to overcome various hurdles.

Meet the Team

Senior Associate at Altudo. .NET and Certified Sitecore Developer.

Associate at Altudo. Certified Sitecore Developer and Machine Learning Practitioner.