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Sitecore Commerce Minions App Pool Down


I had a perfectly working Sitecore Commerce 9.2 instance but yesterday after a system reboot, the instance stopped working. The home page was loading but there was no navigation bar or products. On opening a product page, I got this error. On debugging, I found out that the CommerceAuthoring and CommerceMinions App Pools were not running. Even resetting the IIS Server did not resolve the issue. I...

Unable to start Solr service


So, I was installing a fresh instance of Sitecore 9.1 on a new machine. I had installed all the pre-requisites and everything was setup. While installing SOLR, I followed the usual steps Download SOLR Create a Certificate Update the with the certificate information Installing the service using NSSM Everything went smoothly but when I tried to run the service, I was greeted with a...

Sitecore Universal Tracker


In the recent releases, Sitecore has been moving from a Monolith software approach to a Micro-service based one. We have already seen this in other modules like Sitecore Javascript Services(JSS) and Sitecore Cortex. Universal Tracker is a headless API Micro-service to track data from mobile apps, IoT, AR, VR and other emerging channels into Sitecore xDB.   Universal Tracker is a collection...

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